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Wellness massages at le moulin regnelot guestroom

A desire to pamper you after a long trip or before heading back to the road?


Entrust yourself to the relaxing hands of Delphine GOURLAOUEN, Certified Well-Being Massage Practitioner!


The following massages can be displayed at le moulin regnelot :

⇒ Californian: 60 € (60mn),

⇒ Swedish: 60 € (60mn),

⇒ Face / neck / head & back massage: 60 € (60min),

⇒ Foot reflexology: 50 € (50min),

⇒ Face / neck / head & massage: 40 € (40min),

⇒ Back massage : 30 € (30min),

⇒ Amma sitting: 20 € (20min)


⇒ on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 5.30 pm and 8 pm

⇒ on Wednesdays between 9am and 6pm,

⇒ on Fridays between 9am and 8pm,

⇒ on Saturdays between 9am and 8pm,

⇒ on Sundays between 9am and 1pm.


A guaranteed moment of letting go!

Find the descriptions of these services on


Delphine also performs these massages at her office (espace Paramédical et de Bien-Etre, 3 rue de la Couture 77510 Villeneuve sur Bellot - 5min by car) as well as massages:

⇒ Ayurvedic "Abhyanga": 60 € (60min),

⇒ Traditional Thai: 60 € (60min).


👍 You will not have to make an appointment with Delphine, the moulin regnelot team will take care of  it!

For a good organization: tplease let us know your desire of well-being massage at least one week before the planned date. The payment (cash or checks) will be given directly to Delphine.

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